When should I start shopping for my wedding gown?

We recommend beginning shopping for your bridal gown 8 months before your wedding to allow for the possible full time a gown can take to arrive as well as alterations. If you are having bridal portraits done, begin 8 months before the time frame you would like to take those in. For brides with closer wear dates, we have plenty of options to help you find the gown of your dreams but may be limited in selection due to delivery timing on gowns and/or current stock availability with a designer.

What are the price ranges of your gowns?

Our bridal gowns range from $1,299 – $4,599 and our current collection ranges around Bridal Sizes 12 – 26.
(keep in mind bridal sizes are different than ready to wear and sizing varies by designer)

Do you do in house alterations?

We do not but have a wonderfully curated list that we provide our brides with upon their gown arriving. Many of them we have worked with for over 10 years and have found that our brides appreciate having several to choose from instead of one singular option in house.

How much can you alter down/up a gown?

It really depends on the shape of the gown and the seam allowance available in the gown. Most tailors will tell you that they can usually alter down two sizes in most gowns. Letting out a gown is a bit more tricky as it is solely dependent on the available seam allowance in the gown as this is not a standard amount therefore we always suggest erring on the side of caution and purchasing/ordering a gown that fits or slightly too big as we can always make them smaller, making them grow is a bit harder.

Why do we have a Courtesy Fee?

We have reserved this time specifically for a bride and prevented others from booking this reservation. The courtesy fee is present to encourage cancellations within the allowed time frame because, outside of this time frame,  we are unable to refill that reservation . Out of respect to other brides, that may be on our wait list, the courtesy fee is also present to discourage No Show appointments and No Intent appointments, both of which will be charged the fee.

Do you take checks?

We accept cash and credit cards but are unable to accept checks.

Do you have a guest limit?

As each bride has her own private appointment suite, seating is limited. At this time, we request that parties be limited to 1 Bride and 5 Guests