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F A Q - Frequently Asked Questions


When should I start shopping for my wedding gown?

Have all the time in the world? We recommend initiating the search for your bridal gown approximately 9-12 months before your wedding date. This allows ample time for the gown to arrive and for any necessary alterations. If you're planning bridal portraits, consider starting the process 12-15 months before your portrait session!

For brides with closer wedding dates, rest assured that we have a variety of solutions to help you discover your dream gown. Many choices are readily available for immediate purchase, allowing you to take your gown home the same day! During your Stylist call, feel free to discuss these options with your Stylist. We've successfully assisted a bride shopping on a Friday for a Sunday wedding, proving that while we can accommodate tighter timelines, having a bit more time is always preferable—though we're up for the challenge!


What are the price ranges of your gowns?

Explore the possibilities at Bliss Bridal Salon, where enchanting options await brides like you! Our extensive collection includes orderable gowns priced between $1,299 and $4,599, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique style and preferences. Additionally, our exclusive "Bliss Collection" presents like-new samples, ideal for brides with closer wear dates or budget considerations. These stunning gowns are conveniently available to take home on the same day, or you can explore our layaway options for added flexibility. Trust us to handle any wedding scenario and turn your dreams into reality.


Do you do in house alterations?

We do not have in house alterations because we want you to have the freedom of choice. We have a wonderfully curated list of alterations specialists that our brides have used in the past that we provide you once your gown arrives at Bliss. We have found that our brides appreciate having several to choose from instead of one singular option in house.


How much can you alter down/up a gown?

It really depends on the shape of the gown and the seam allowance available in the gown. Most tailors will tell you that they can usually alter down two to three sizes in most gowns. Letting out a gown is a bit more tricky as it is solely dependent on the available seam allowance in the gown as this is not a standard amount therefore we always suggest erring on the side of caution and purchasing/ordering a gown that fits or slightly too big as we can always make them smaller, making them grow is a bit harder.


Why is a credit card required to hold an appt? What is the Courtesy Fee?

(P.S. It's not just a cancellation fee)

As we are sure that you can understand, we have reserved this appointment time specifically for a bride and prevented others from booking this reservation spot. The courtesy fee is present to encourage cancellations within the requested time frame because, outside of this time frame,  we are unable to refill that reservation . Out of respect to other brides, that may be on our wait list, the courtesy fee is also present to discourage No Show appointments and No Intent appointments, both of which will be charged the fee. We do, however, have the shortest cancellation window - any appt canceled within Four (4) Hours of the appt will be charged the cancellation fee.


Do you have payment plans?

We do offer options for our brides! Your stylist will be able to discuss the details with you during your appt as the options are based on several factors. including your wedding date/alterations timeframe.


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