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NOW HIRING: Bridal Stylist Full Time Position - Sales Position with weekday assistance in admin/communications/scheduling

Saturdays and Sundays, your focus first and foremost will be serving Brides during their bridal appointments. Secondarily, you will be the using your magical talents of tying all communication, messages and DM’s together to show Brides and their guests the best Bliss has to offer, creating experiences helping brides find their dream gowns, one personalized experience at a time. If this sounds like you or someone you know – take the skills test to show us you are up for the challenge! Required workdays: Saturdays and Sundays , Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. (We are closed on Wednesdays.) Pay is a combination of hourly, commission and tips on sales. The pay listed is an average and should be viewed as such. Feel free to ask any questions prior to applying.

Weekdays - As we like to call them, our Workflow Gurus aka Scheduling Wizards are gifted with the ability to connect and engage with our brides through texts, emails, and social media, yet make everyone feel like they’re besties, sitting right next to each other on a cozy couch. You make it look easy and effortless in your writing style, but there’s a lot of care that goes into it. You love taking small details from conversations and turning them into personalized moments - creating memories and experiences!

You have a knack being able to look at a schedule and see past it, around it and above it to mold it into the most effective calendar for the Stylists and Brides to Be. You are driven to create experiences with a mix of innovation and creativity to showcase how your team excels in what they do best- pairing each bride with the perfect Stylist by getting to know her through her Pre Appt Interview and Stylist Call

Picture this: Every single day you came to work you get to create awe inspiring memories for brides, providing next level attention and care to the smallest details that make every bride want to experience the magic of Bliss. What’s better? (Bonus Points Keyword: butterfly) YOU also get to work with these brides to find their dream gowns, see the moments you orchestrated come to life and have a team of amazing stylists there to support you and share life and love with!

If this sounds like you or someone you know – Apply today! (Required workdays: Saturdays, Sunday Afternoons and 2-3 weekdays. We are closed on Wednesdays.)

We cannot wait to meet you! ~ The Bliss Stylist Team